A Willo for Brian

9 09 2017

Brian's WilloTime: September 9, 2017, 6-8 PM
Place: Angelo’s Ristorante, Burien WA

Join us as the Pacific Northwest Chapter of the Mystery Writers of America presents the prestigious Willo Award to long-time Chapter President and regional MWA stalwart, Brian Thornton.

The Willow Award is the Pacific Northwest’s own special recognition prize given to those individuals whose writing and contributions to the Northwest mystery community are exemplary. There will be pomp and ceremony, testimonials from fellow mystery writers, some reminiscences from Brian, and if we are lucky, a reading from his latest work in progress. Come, help us celebrate, and learn more about Northwest Chapter history and the people who make this one of the MWA’s most exciting regions.

As anyone familiar with our community can attest, few can claim to have done more to advance the cause of mystery writers in the Northwest than Brian. As a long-time Board Member and President of this organization, Brian has seen us through better than a decade of ups and downs in the industry, scores of meetings and seminars, events both happy and sad, and a great growth in our numbers and our achievements. He has personally fostered the career growth of quite a few of his fellow mystery writers, and has led us with skill, enthusiasm, and an infectious smile.

Biil and BrianHere we see a scene from a few years ago when then President Brian handed a Willo to Seattle Mystery Bookstore founder Bill Farley. What goes around comes around, Brian!

Admission is free for members. Non-member price is only $10.00. See you at Angelo’s!

Angelo’s Ristorante in Burien
601 SW 153rd St., Burien, WA
206-244-3555 Follow this LINK for directions

Bill Farley, Winner of 2010 Willow Award

19 12 2010

On Sunday, December 12th, the board of the Northwest chapter of Mystery Writers of America descended upon Seattle Mystery Bookshop to give Bill Farley, founder of the legendary bookstore and hero to northwest mystery writers (and mystery writers in general) the 2010 Willow award.

As many of you know, the Willow Award is named in honor of the memory of two-time Edgar Award Winner and long-time Northwest Chapter stalwart Willo Davis Roberts. The intent of the award is to honor an author or member of the mystery community who has contributed with distinction to the Northwest mystery writing scene, and as anyone with a nodding familiarity of the northwest mystery community can attest, no single person has done more to push the cause of mystery writers in the Northwest than Bill. Since launching his bookshop in 1990, Bill and the rest of the Seattle Mystery Books staff have hosted hundreds of mystery writers from all corners of the globe and has been a vocal supporter of many writers from around the northwest.

As is usually the case with Bill, he didn’t want to make too big a fuss over himself, choosing to receive the award at work. We couldn’t think of a better place to bestow the award.

While we as a community can never repay Bill for all the hard work he has done on our behalf, we hope this award shows, in some small measure, how thankful we are. So please welcome us in congratulating Bill Farley, winner of the 2010 Willow Lifetime Achievement Award.

Below are some pictures from the event:


Bill Farley and MWA Board

Bill Farley and Outgoing Board President Brian Thornton

Bill and outgoing board president, Brian Thornton

Bill Take Close Look