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7 03 2019

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Meeting Saturday, November 10

31 10 2018

MWA-NW Chapter presents:

John Liebert, MD, PC

Our guest speaker this month is Dr. John Liebert, internationally recognized psychiatrist with specialties in psychopharmacology and criminal psychology.

Join us to hear about Dr. Liebert’s impressive career working with numerous law enforcement, military, and civilian psychiatric entities in the profiling, prosecution, and sentencing of mass murderers, including Ted Bundy, the Green River Killer Gary Ridgway, and Atlanta serial murderer Wayne Williams.

Saturday, November 10, 2018                               6 to 8 PM
Angelo’s Ristorante in Burien
601 SW 153rd St., Burien, WA
206-244-3555  Follow this Link for directions

From Dr. Liebert’s extensive biography:

Dr Liebert has served as psychiatric consultant to the King County Police Department for serial murder cases, including the “Ted” Case (Ted Bundy), Green River Murder Case (Gary Ridgway), the Charmer Case (George Russell) and the Bellevue Sniper Case (Carl Harp). He served as Psychiatric Consultant to the Atlanta Police Department in the Atlanta Child Murder Case (Wayne Williams).

He has performed hundreds of felony evaluations for pretrial determination of criminal intent, pre-sentence evaluation for advising judiciary on best disposition – whether probation or incarceration, and for Correctional Psychiatry, such as diagnosing and treating inmates at California’s Pelican Bay Maximum Security Housing Unit. While serving with Seattle’s judiciary as psychiatric consultant to The Washington State Pre-sentence Unit, the sentencing judge followed his recommendations in over 95% of 150 cases.  Dr Liebert is a member of the Review Board for The American Investigative Society of Cold Cases.

He has published on the subject of Serial Murder, “Contributions of Psychiatry in the Investigation of Serial Murder”, in the International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology, and on Mass Murder-Suicides in Suicidal Mass Murderers, A Criminalogical Study of Why They Kill, (Taylor & Francis, CRC Press).

Dr Liebert was extensively trained in psychotherapy, including psychoanalytic, supportive, and behavioral therapies, at both The University of Washington and Seattle Psychoanalytic Society. He was in private practice in Bellevue, Washington for a number of years, prior to relocating ten years ago to Arizona for weather reasons. He has recently completed two mystery thriller novels. One is a psychology mystery, while the other is a counterterrorism thriller.

His website – www.johnliebert.com – has much more information about his practice, cases and background.

Admission is free for members. Non-member price is only $10.00. See you at Angelo’s!

Thomas P. Hopp
MWA Northwest Chapter
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MWA-NW March 2018 Meeting

4 03 2018

SATURDAY,  MARCH 10,  2018,  6-8 PM

Guest Speakers:

Catherine Hendricks



Eleanor Broggi


Catherine Hendricks has long-time experience prosecuting major crimes including Murder One and many years prosecuting sex crimes. She was a felony prosecutor in the King County Prosecutor’s Office for 7 years.  For 18 months of that time, she was embedded with the King County Sheriff’s Office, which also had a drug enforcement unit. During those years, she successfully worked to commit individuals under the Violent Sexual Predator Statute.

She is presently Senior Counsel in the Washington Attorney General’s Office and a crime novelist whose latest book Hardways was longlisted with the Debut Dagger. She was recently accepted to the Crime Novel program at City University of London, and looks forward to writing full time.

At the King County Sheriff’s Office, Hendricks collaborated with Detective Eleanor Broggi, who subsequently worked for many years with KCS Major Crimes / Homicide, and according to Hendricks, is a superb homicide investigator.

Hendricks and Broggi have been good friends for 25 years.

So, please plan on joining us for dinner, refreshments, and some spellbinding discussions from our two highly qualified presenters. Admission is free for members. Non-member price is only $10.00. See you at Spiro’s!

Spiro’s Pizza & Pasta                                                 
18411 Aurora Avenue N., Shoreline, WA 98133
(206) 546-2900

Follow this Link for directions

Thomas P. Hopp
MWA Northwest Chapter

Blast from the Past

3 02 2018

One of the pleasures of being an MWA-NW member is hearing from experts on subjects we write about. April 2014’s meeting traveled to Wade’s Gun Range in Bellevue. We signed release forms, received instructions for a number of different weapon types, donned ear protection, and then witnessed those weapons in action. We were also given a chance to fire them ourselves (notice the eager hands)IMG_20140412_205024_551IMG_20140412_211127_191Many of us mystery/thriller writers mention firearms in our writing; this trip gave us a close-up introduction to proper handling and use of these weapons. Knowledgeable readers will appreciate us if we get the details right. How many of the firearms on the table do you recognize?IMG_20140412_211530_276

Mystery Writers Seminar June 24

5 06 2017


Ever wonder just what it takes to write a story so compelling that readers will flock to it, rave about it, and make it popular beyond your wildest imaginings? Ever wonder how you can push past the growing throngs of fellow writers and get readers, reviewers, and the public in general to give your book more than passing notice? If so, then you’ll be interested to hear that two seasoned professional writers are willing to give you the benefit of their years of experience solving these writerly issues and more.

Join us in Bothell, Washington on Saturday, June 24, 2017, for the Rain City Mystery Writers Seminar, an all-day, intensive course in the techniques of writing killer novels and getting them noticed. Our instructors, James Ziskin and Beth Justino, are successful writers and skilled teachers in the arts of creative writing and book marketing. Follow THIS LINK to learn more, or THIS ONE to sign up. Registration is $80 for MWA members and $90 for non-members—but don’t delay. Tickets are going fast and the early registration deadline is just a few days away. After that, the price goes up substantially.

So join us for an educational and entertaining day. Learn skills that will get your writing noticed. Meet fellow authors, from aspiring novices to prominently published pros. Shake off that June gloom with a great rainy-day event!