April Meeting: Karla Stover and Frances Snyder

2 04 2011

Ever wondered how to poison someone with a plant?  Thought so. We are mystery writers after all.

So then, you’ll not want to miss this month’s meeting, entitled “Please Don’t Eat the Daisies . . They’re Poisonous”

Our speakers, Karla Stover and Frances Snyder, will give a history of plants being used since early days to current times in real life and mystery stories to “do away” with folks.  Sometimes this was accidental, and of course, some deliberate.

This is a powerpoint presentation in color that also shows some “famous” gardens dedicated to just growing poisonous plants and open to the public in England and America. Karla and Frances will also have note cards featuring some of the plants, pretty ones, available for modest cost.

So, details:

Where: Dukes Chowderhouse, Southcenter (map here)

When: 6-8 PM, April 9th

Who: Poisonous plant experts Karla Stover and Frances Snyder

It’ll be a fun time kibitzing with fellow mystery writers and learning about poisons for your next (or current!) novel. See you there!